Every look that Dion Lee delivered at NYFW

From the wearable to the absurd.

Our boy Dion Lee showed at NYFW over the weekend, proving once again why he holds rank as one of Australia’s design elite.

He delivered a sophisticated yet innovative collection (surprise, surprise), this time playing on the functional elements of clothing. Pockets were exaggerated and seams were detailed, while texture was again an evident focus for the designer.

It was easy to distinguish between bestsellers and intended show pieces. That said, there was an undeniable wearability to everything in the range (yes, that burnt orange fur vest included). 

As usual, Lee took the opportunity to showcase a new design element, this time through woven leather inspired by the construction of jewellery chains. We saw this across skirts as well across torsos, which delivered an interplay with military-esque silhouettes. Masculine elements were evident across tailoring, while an overriding air of sophistication dominated.

There were some definite curveballs but overall, the collection delivered everything we’ve come to expect and love from Dion Lee.


P.S. It would be remiss of me to fail to mention that oversized velvet puffer. That oversized velvet puffer rules. 

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