Fleur De La Nuit debut sleepwear collection

The latest to come out of Abu Dhabi.

Fleur De La Nuit sleepwear is the latest to come out of the UAE’s Abu Dhabi.

Founded by two sisters, the label presents sleepwear with classic silhouettes that have a bit of a contemporary edge. Think old-school nightgowns, but just a touch sexier.

“My younger sister always had a passion for creating nightgowns and nightwear which she has always been making. I on the other hand, wanted to create a business, my initial idea was a bit too complicated to achieve but still fashion related,” said the elder half of Fleur De La Nuit.

The campaign shots from their debut collection, Bringing Beauty to Sleep, are an absolute dream. Tousled hair, chaises, rose petals, pastel colours, lace trim and super-soft-looking cotton.

They haven’t launched online yet, so these negligees aren’t yet available to purchase. When they do, we’ll be ready.


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