Kate Sylvester’s new collection pays homage to Marisol Escobar

Pretty as a picture.

When fashion and art collide, we’re often left with the coolest collections.

Kate Sylvester’s latest campaign is proof of that, as the SS17 release celebrates the life of Marisol Escobar.

The Venezuelan artist was known for her eccentric and colourful pop art. And the collection is totally reflective of her art style.

Inspired by Marisol’s signature clashing prints and quirky colours, the range boasts bold prints and loud patterns. Pinstripes, polka dots, stripes and lace detailing are splashed across vintage-inspired silhouettes. Think cinched-in skirts, D-ring belts, retro floral dresses and red leather.

For lovers of more organic tones, the collection also offers staples in earthy colours, with neutral options giving a nod to Marisol’s wooden sculptures.


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