Kloke nails winter dressing with AW15 Clear Day

Sorry all you sun babies, winter is looking better already.

Clinging desperately to the last notes of summer that linger in the air, we turn hesitantly towards the colder months.

However it seems we are all suffering from temporary memory loss about the wonders of winter fashion (read: thick textured coats and layering), so we would like to take a moment to welcome the crisp season change. Open your arms and wardrobes, ladies and gents, and welcome Kloke’s AW15 collection Clear day.

In a perfect combination of warm autumn hues and cooler, darker tones, the Melbourne based label features structured white collars worn under burnt brown shirts, slimline jackets and minimal cropped trousers.

Favouring fabrics Japanese wool and ribbed knit, Kloke’s borderline androgynous winter looks provide an effortless aesthetic for men and women alike.

Sorry all you sun babies, winter is looking better already

Kloke’s AW15 collection is in store now. 

270 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Victoria Australia 3065 


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