Lazy Oaf’s next collection is an ode to your childhood

This speaks to me on a very deep, very personal level.

There’s something about Lazy Oaf that just gets me on a deeper level. 

Maybe it’s this top that knows the important questions in my life. Or this cardigan that knows where I fall in the sibling hierarchy. Or this dress that literally read my mind. 

I dunno, it’s kinda scary, right?

Once again speaking to me on a creepy-precise level, the label has dropped its next collection. And it’s all about being a giant adult baby. 

Styles are a major throwback to when us Millennials were kids. There are overall dresses with cartoon patches, slips that resemble Disney Princess merch and, la pièce de résistance, a pink velour tracksuit with ‘Spoilt’ bedazzled across the back. 

It’s basically how you used to dress from ages five right through to 15. Perfect for those whose mothers still cook for them (me) and do their washing (also me). 


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