Levi’s have changed their denim in response to the athleisure trend

And they’ve enlisted Petra Collins, Alicia Keys, Joan Jett and Erin Wasson to help them do it.

From the 1950s to the 1980s, Levi’s jeans were basically the most popular denim brand out there. Their advertising campaigns really resonated with youth culture and their name became synonymous with the American jean.

Come the ‘90s and competition sprang up everywhere. Global retailers and local designers created new shapes and new fabrications, so Levis kind of lost their relevance.

It’s been a particularly tough time for the denim industry in general. The rise of the athleisure trend (read leggings) means that denim sales have decreased significantly.

Levi’s have conducted global research over two years with women of different ages, body types and ethnicities, and have decided to change the fabrication of the denim in their women’s range.

 “The one comment that came up in every interview was that fabric and feeling is now as important as fit,” Levi’s chief product officer, Karyn Hillman said.

Anyone could have told you that Karyn but if two years of research is what you needed to do to convince the company? All good.

There are six revamped styles in the 700 series. The 710 Super Skinnys are 50 to 90 percent stretch, 711 to 720 is 20 to 40 percent stretch, five out of the six styles are midrise (yas) and the 721 High Rises go over the hip bones. It actually sounds like a pretty amazing selection.

The campaign was shot by Petra Collins and features Joan Jett, Erin Wasson, Jillian Harvey, Tali Lennox, Leigh Lezark, Phoebe Collings James, Jamie Chung and Marloes Horst. They’ve also announced Alicia Keys as their brand ambassador so that’s pretty cool.

Keen to give these bad boys a go. Denim should always be stretchy.


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