P.A.M’s new collection is feminist in a big way

It’s called ‘Women are the Future’, for starters.

Cult Australian fashion label P.A.M is celebrating women in a powerful way.

For their latest collection, designers Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey were inspired by American singer and self-empowerment activist, Lydia Lunch. Lunch once wisely noted:

“As this planet becomes more brutarian and arrogant and patriarchal, the only real rebellion is to really embrace beauty and pleasure. To reclaim it with as much vigour as possible.”

With this, P.A.M created its new collection.

Called Women are the Future, the new range explores female power and strength.

The collection fuses pastiches of floral prints in blues and reds, that break down traditional feminine standards. Cuts are neither masculine nor feminine, with the designers seeking to raise the questions: Do these patterns have more strength in red or blue? Does the presence of one illuminate the other?

Highlights include denim pieces that feature complex tie-up detailing with an ode to matrilineal clans. The collection also features graphics that celebrate witches, from both primitive and highly advanced cultures where society has a magical worldview.

Essentially, this collection screams that the future is bright and female. 


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