Stromae drops second capsule for his line Mosaert

Say cheese.

In the light of his continuing success as “the most famous pop star you’ve never heard of,” Belgian artist Stromae launched a lifestyle and fashion label because, well why not.

Unashamedly named Mosaert (an anagram of Stromae), the line has since dropped its second ever capsule collection and it is as quirky as you could ever imagine.

With a lookbook shot as school photos, the collection is a uniform series of matching cardigans, polos and socks in bold colours and tesselated prints. Inspiration is drawn from African wax prints, explained by Stromae’s Rwandan heritage (his father was an unfortunate victim of the 1994 genocide), despite being raised in Belgium. His habitual resistance to gender binaries is also evident in the collection, as pieces are worn as unisex, as well as across generations.

It’s shriekingly simple yet entirely captivating.


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