Wrangler Winter 2015 lookbook

An understated allure.

If there’s a more accurate brief for a lookbook, we haven’t heard it. Wrangler has framed its Winter 2015 series around “where your housemate is pretty hot, you know the unspoken rule of not ‘going there’ but it doesn’t stop you from flirting to pass the time.” Spot on, right?

The lookbook features Rob Moore and Kalia Dowsett showcasing (rather flirtatiously) the latest Wrangler offering in the soft light of a white walled apartment, just like yours. The set echoes the relaxed simplicity of the season’s offering – think chambray, vintage washes and pared back styling – which altogether creates an understated allure.

It’s sexiness with ease. Pretty much how we want to dress this winter. 


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