5 places that prove Perth’s fashion scene is cooler than you think

We promise.

I’ve been to Melbourne.

I know what people think about Perth.

When I was over there last, after briefly discussing my hometown, I was confronted by the comment “Wow, I love what you’re wearing! Must’ve been shopping in Melbourne already right?!”


Well, I had. Obviously. Who doesn’t shop in Melbourne? But the stuff I was wearing was from Perth. Anyway… 

Granted Perth’s fashion scene isn’t as big as other cities, but there are still some seriously wicked gems in P-City that you just might not have found yet. 

1. Lessons Concept Store (location: Fremantle) 

An underground haven of dark, brooding high end streetwear that makes it kind of difficult to maintain composure. Nowhere in Perth is doing what these guys are doing. It rests in the heart of Fremantle where Dani, Conor and Jake have bought to life their dream. The whole store oozes cool – there’s even a hidden speakeasy out back for events. The only people stocking KTZ, Dxpe Chef, Aydn, Represent and soon Misbhv in the area, their exclusivity is what makes this store so exciting. Visionary. 

2. High Fashion Marketplace (location: wherever there is wi-fi) 

This is a Perth-based Facebook group that focuses largely on higher end fashion. “Higher end” Open to interpretation but as the group states, “no beaten Asics Gel Lite Vs or Street X longsleeves.” You get the picture. The group is also a place for discussion about new collections, latest pick ups and general fashion-y talk. The best thing is you don’t even have to live in Perth to take advantage, just be prepared to pay for postage. 

3. The Black Wall (location: Cottesloe) 

Alice McCall, I Love Ugly, Emma Mulholland, Romance Was Born, Vanishing Elephant. I feel like if this store was a person we would be best friends. It’s the perfect place to go if you have a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear this weekend. I like to visit when I’m in a spending mood, because it’s guaranteed I’ll find something I didn’t even know I wanted. With a selection for both boys and babes, you will too. So grab your significant other and spend you entire week’s pay here. Or not the whole thing. Maybe I’m just irresponsible. 

4. Atlas Divine (location: Leederville) 

Walking into Atlas Divine makes you realise all your magical, colourful fashion dreams are 100% real. They all live here, with each other in a big fashion share house of grooviness. From Lazy Oaf to House of Cards, if you want your parents to raise an eyebrow and ask if you’re a rainbow alien fairy from another galaxy, it’s a one stop shop. Glittery boots? Check. Iridescent circle skirt? Check. A patterned jacket so colourful you begin wondering if Vivienne Westwood’s cousin is a fashionable unicorn and they designed this thing just for fun? Check, check, check. Seriously. It’s unreal. 

5. Cabinet Noir (location: Perth CBD, Shafto Lane) 

On the other end of the spectrum we have Ed and his brilliant team at Cabinet Noir. The luxury sneaker store also provides the raw denim dreams are made of and other bits and pieces you really need to complete a gentleman’s wardrobe. This store has some of the friendliest staff I’ve ever encountered. It is a guys’ domain but the girls who work in there show the ladies that rocking dudes clothing has never been cooler. The ambience gives off a very “I have many Comme des Garçons wallets and my sneaker store smells of rich mahogany” vibe. Nothing better.

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