Australia’s Next Top Model Season 9, Episode 4

Hair gets chopped and models cry.

“It’s makeover week!”

That’s right guys. We’ve hit that point in the season. Hair gets chopped and models cry. Cry more, I mean.

The troop headed to Préma salon and one of the girls says, “Why are we in a salon?”

Hmm. Peculiar indeed.

Most of the other gals caught on pretty quick though. There were no mirrors on the walls and it has just always been this “rite of passage” on the show. And duh, they were in a salon.

The challenge this week is to take a photo with a particular focus on the hair. This happens immediately after the girls see their new ‘do and the winner of the challenge gets to be the face of a national digital TRESemmé campaign. And they only get five frames to nail it.

I haven’t mentioned Jess much in the recaps and that’s because I haven’t really noticed her much. Jen’s thinking the same (wow we’re so alike) so they’re dying her hair red. Gorgeous.

Phoebe also gets a big change. She has a little sob because she feels bland and boring and her hair doesn’t represent who she is. So they chop it all off to better reflect her quirky traveller life and now she’s got a cute blonde bob. Sah indie.

Um, can we talk about Tanahya? This is not ok. They hacked off her hair. I kid you not.

“So what I’m going to do is just pretty much hack it off,” says Joh, the scary man with the scissors.

I hate to say it but her hair is a frizzy mess. They cut it to her shoulders, gave her these weird chunky layer-fringe blocks at the front and dyed it blonde. If any of you are America’s Next Top Model fans, you may remember that episode with Holly who got that ratchet blonde weave put in. When Tyra realised, “Holy f that’s horrible,” they removed it. Tanahya’s hair is nowhere near as bad as Holly’s job but it did make me recall this moment. And for more ridiculous makeovers, please enjoy this. So many lols.

Everybody else just got regular trims and nobody got a cut like Mia Farrow from Rosemary’s Baby.

Jess won the challenge and scored a perfect 10. Nice work lady! Jess is shaping up to be a frontrunner and Alex was little bit jealous. But also happy apparently.

So the photoshoot challenge brings in Victoria’s Secret model, Elyse Taylor. Same ol’ reactions from the girls. Tears. Shock. Screaming. OMGs.

Didier kind of steals the show with his clever use of dramatic pauses.

“There are two things you don’t know about the shoot for today,” he starts. “The first is you guys and going to be wearing NOTHING…”

Pause. More pause. Pause pause pause.

“But swimsuits.”

Heaving sighs of relief. He almost had them there.

“The second thing you guys need to know about this shoot is your photoshoot today is all about standing out in a crowd, so you’ll be joined by three professional models… These models are tall, fit and really ridiculously good looking.”

And then the mermen appear. Cue the slowmo clip of three men emerging from the ocean in tiny bottoms, flipping their hair back, gazing into the camera and even wearing goggles around their necks. So sportay.

Phoebe did a weird whiplash gesture and Brittany just said “DAMNNNNNNNNN.”

And here I was thinking that Derek Zoolander and Hansel were going to make another surprise appearance. Cheers for the lead on Didier.

Tanahya had a bit of a breakdown in front of Elyse. She didn’t know how to work her hair in the shoot. Understandably so.

Alex had a strange I’m-not-feeling-confident-but-I’ll-pretend-I’m-extremely-confident moment, Izi “sprawled on out” and poked the boys in the tummy with her ponytail, and Zahra revealed that she’s never touched a boy. SCANDALOUS.

Brittany looked hawt and said the word “youse”. “Yous”? “Use”? I don’t even know how to spell that.

“I don’t want to squish youse!”

We should start discussing the music by the way. The elimination montage was backed by BANKS’ ‘Waiting Game’. Emotionz.

Phoebe and Tanahya were in the bottom two. Both of them froze up in the photoshoot and couldn’t shake it off.

Unfortunately Phoebe didn’t make it through. ‘Young and Beautiful’ by Lana del Rey kicked in and Jen bid her a very ordinary farewell.

“You’re so beautiful. You’ve got a bright future but it’s just not right for now.”

Alex was bummed to lose her best friend too and stuff got heavy.

“That’s so heavy. That’s so heavy. Ah, that’s so heavy.”

This episode was a bit of an emotional drainer so I’m looking forward to next week’s ep. Alex gets bossy again because she has to do teamwork, and Brittany’s mum figuratively wets her pants because Linda Evangelista is the guest judge.



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