A Conspiracy Theory: Why starring in a Calvin Klein campaign will make the public love you

Coincidence? We think not.

By now we expect that all Calvin Klein campaigns pretty much have a 100 per cent chance of featuring some cool as celebrity.

We already got a sneak peek at FKA twigs slaying in Calvin Kleins’ latest I____in #mycalvins campaign. And yesterday we were lucky enough to get a further look into the collab, with CK dropping a twigs-directed video of the multi-talented star in her Calvins. 

Along with the usual campaign stars (models), it’s pretty clear CK also loves to support musicians. 

But as we dug a little deeper into musos of campaigns past, we noticed a common theme. No, could it be? We’re still not 100 per cent sure, but it seems Calvin Klein was tapping these stars before they were cool. 

No one ever noticed, because once the campaigns dropped the celebs were already part of the zeitgeist. But surely this couldn’t be a series of pure coincidence. Let us explain… 

1. Justin Bieber – 2015

After a tumultuous relationship with the media, around mid last year  Bieber started to steal our hearts all over again. Calvin Klein was way ahead, tapping the redeemed Bieber for its CK Jeans campaign at just the right moment. Genius forecasting or conspiracy? Either way we got topless Biebs and it was delicious. 

2. Shakira – 2000

In 2000 Shakira had red hair, strong legs like her mother and was still kicking it on the US Latin charts. She also featured in Calvin Klein Jeans’ Dirty Denim campaign. Only a year later, the Columbian starlet went onto release her english breakthrough ‘Whenever, Wherever’. 

3. Taeyang – 2014

You may not know who Taeyang is, but don’t say that in the vicinity of anyone who loves K-pop. The South Korean singer shot to fame back in the noughties with fellow members of beloved boy band, Big Bang. He’s also had a pretty prominent solo career and has racked up a social media following that goes into the multi millions. Basically he’s no big deal. Calvin Klein tapped Taeyang for the 2014 CK One fragrance campaign.

4. Macy Gray – 2000

Towards the end of 1999, a little song called ‘I Try’ was released. It shot the soulful pipes of Macy Gray to stardom and ended up being one of the biggest songs of 2000. Macy also stared in a Calvin Klein denim campaign in the same year. Coincidence? We think not.

5. Kendrick Lamar – 2016

When Calvin Klein launched its I ____ in #mycalvins campaign, the label tapped possibly the coolest rapper of the moment. Admittedly, Kendrick was already pretty well established, but who doesn’t want to see him reflect in his Calvins?


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