A guide to selling your wardrobe in time for summer

Make it raaaiiiiiiiiiin.

Hey, let me ask you: What are you planning on wearing this summer?

…Oh, you don’t know? Can you think of even one outfit you’ve ever worn in your entire life that doesn’t involve a coat? How come when summer comes back we all forget how the fuck to dress?

Of course, there is one thing that would solve this problem: new clothes. But don’t worry, I get it. You need all your money for tropical cocktails and summer holidays and can’t afford a new wardrobe 🙁 

What if I was to tell you there’s a way to get free money, without committing any crimes? All you have to do is finally clean out your wardrobe and convince people to buy your sloppy seconds. 

Here’s how it’s done.

Actually clean out your wardrobe

First things first: you gotta collect allllllllll the things you’re going to sell. All the things. 

This is often the hardest part because we’re all hoarders and think we’re going to wear that pink bubble skirt again, but NEWSFLASH!!! You’re not. Surprisingly, someone else that still wears bubble skirts will, and that’s why you should be extra ruthless and get rid of as much as possible. 

Ask yourself: would I be prepared to never see this item again if it got me a new pair of boots? (yes)

Photoshoot time

If I learned anything from Sophia Amoruso’s book #GIRLBOSS, it’s that opinions are like assholes (everyone’s got one) and that clothes need to be on a body to sell. Things just don’t sell as well when they’re laid flat on your kitchen floor… trust me, I’ve tried. 

Flex your stylin’ skillz and work each piece into an Insta-worthy outfit. Bribe a friend with free coffee and first dibs on your selling pile to take your photos for you. This can be super time-consuming (but totally worth it), so set aside a whole weekend to set up your new business, with the reward being *free* money and no hangover. 

Alternatively, if you fancy yourself a bit of an Insta-blogger, go back through your account and screenshot any #ootd’s featuring said item. You’ll also need additional pics of the item hanging on a plain wall or laid flat, as well as any zoom-ins on the finer details.

Choose your marketplace 

There are loads of options for selling your clothes these days, and they all have their pros and cons. For example, vintage markets can pull big numbers for your authentic pieces, while highly-searched brands like Cue and Alice McCall go well on eBay. Consider splitting up your wares and selling them where you’ll rake in the most money. 

Set your price

Now this is where it gets tricky and it’s totally dependent on where you’ve decided to sell your clothes.

eBay shoppers are the most frivolous with their money, and are happy to fork out for a dress that’s sold out everywhere, while shoppers at your local fashion market are the biggest tightarses when it comes to your old high street fashion pieces. Once, someone picked a (pretty amazing) jacket from my stall, asked how much it was and put it back when I said $5. Seriously…what? 

Post it up 

If you do decide to go the online route, you should’ve taken your glamour shots and set the price to make you willing to part with your once-prized possession. Now, it’s time to post and watch as people fight each other for a slice of your wardrobe.

When posting, include as many details as humanly possible including size, label, fit, colour and any faults, no matter how tiny. I like to add styling notes too, like different ways to wear it or what to pair it with. Channel your inner retail assistant and sell the shit outta that thing.

Don’t hate, communicate 

Just because most of the hard work is done, doesn’t mean you can just sit back and relax. You’re a shop owner now, and there’s always work to be done! Make sure you check regularly on your item and answer any questions or enquiries ASAP. Be friendly and accommodating and use your manners, like a nice person. 

Close the sale 

So some lucky son of a bitch has purchased your item. You go, Glen Coco! 

Now it’s time to close the sale, remove the item from your house and get your hard-earned money ASAP. Get in touch with your buyer and provide payment and postage details, and ask for their address. Remember some people are lazy, or bid and forget, so you might need to get your hassle on.

It’s a fact of life that sometimes, your item won’t sell. Don’t take it personally – people just don’t have good taste like you. Try making any adjustments and re-posting, such as lowering the price, using a different image as the feature or adding in more product details. Alternatively, you could take it down and try selling it on another platform. 

Spend dat cash

Other than watching the bids rise and rise, this is the best part of the whole process – spending someone else’s money. By this stage you’ve completely forgotten all about that item you so desperately wanted to keep, and all you can think about is that new pair of mules that have your name written all over them. 

Keep your money in the one place so it doesn’t mix with your rent money – I use my PayPal account so I know everything in there is dedicated to shopping.

At this point you’ll want to run to the nearest shop and buy the first shiny thing you see. Do not do this. Instead, make a summer wishlist – sandals, overalls, swimwear, pretty dresses – and tick things off one by one. Or, if you’re boring responsible, you can buy things that you actually need, like electricity and food.

Happy shopping!

Illustration by Twylamae who is ready to stock your summer wardrobe with her amaz tees.

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