An artist transformed Bratz Dolls into inspirational women and the results are pretty fantastic

Move over Barbie.

Why are kids toys always so concerned with being pretty? Why does Barbie have to be blonde and tanned? Why are the Disney princesses covered in make-up?

It seems pretty crazy that characters targeted at young girls are dressed to look like they are in their mid-twenties and about to hit a nightclub. 

Lisa Simpson gets it. And so does artist and mother Wendy Tsao. She seemed to have the same questions and her response was pretty fantastic.

Tsao has taken some Bratz Dolls off the shelf, and turned them into some of the world’s most iconic female figures.

“I considered the point of view that playing with Bratz dolls or Barbie dolls does not affect a child’s body image,” Tsao said of the project. “This led me to wonder whether a doll does have an impact on a child’s view of herself and of the world.”

The Mighty Dolls promote dialogue around the influence of hyper-sexualised children’s toys and make us consider what would have changed were we playing with a figure of Jane Goodall or Malala when we were young. 


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