Anna Heinrich wants you to celebrate diversity

Inspiration and style.

She’s got a law degree and a Bachelor of Arts, she’s a social media influencer, reality TV star, a lifestyle blogger and still practises law. Yep, Anna Heinrich is a multi-tasking genius. 

Most recently, Anna has signed on to be an ambassador for global jewellery label PANDORA. She’s the perfect personality for the brand. Her determined spirit and independence is a seamless match for the brand, which focuses on individuality and uniqueness.

We managed to steal some time with Anna, to chat inspiration and style.

Most defining moment?

Being admitted as a lawyer and coming to the realisation that I really can do anything I set my mind to.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Gandhi said: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Super power you most want?

The ability to teleport. That’s a thing right – being able to move from one place to another, instantly? Oh that’d be so good. No more waiting for taxis or lifts. I’d never be late again!

Most inspiring figure in your life?

My parents, Judes and Les. And my resilient and strong 92-year-old Grandma, Nagyi.

Worst nickname you’ve ever been called?

Heinie or Heineken (not surprisingly, it was the boys back at school who use to call me this).  I suppose it could have been worse!  

Fashion is… 

A reflection of your inner self. Be inspired and let yourself shine.

How would you describe your style?

Chic and sophisticated. Trendy yet timeless.

Favourite designer?

Some of my faves include Bec and Bridge, Manning Cartel, Maticevski and Yeojin Bae.

Biggest issue facing the fashion industry?

The body-image issue. I am all about celebrating diversity.


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