Australia’s Next Top Model Season 9, Episode 5

Double eliminations = double the tears

This episode features Jen plugging her Jbronze tanning brand, Linda Evangelista as the guest judge and a double elimination.

But before we get into all that competition stuff, Lucy reminds us all that she is indeed a 16-year-old high school girl when she compares Alex’s reaction to hers after Phoebe’s elimination.

“I find it really funny how Alex says that Phoebe is like her best friend in the house and when she left I remember still crying afterwards and she was just like, ‘Oh my god’.”

Maturity guys. And keep those tears honest. Lucy will measure each millimetre and mix in some truth serum.

So Jen rocks up and announces that it’s a double elimination this week. I actually gasped. What is happening? Have I become too attached? Am I enjoying this show?

The challenge this week is about working in teams to create a cinemagraph, which is basically a photo and video mashed together with only one part of the image moving. The shot will show off Jen’s Jbronze line and the winners will land a digital campaign and a year’s supply of tanning products.

The girls were excited but everyone was mostly freaking because nobody wanted to end up with Alex as a teammate.

Zahra and Jordan got stuck with her though. And Alex did a pretty bad job of putting them at ease.

“I promise I’ll stay calm and chill. I won’t turn into the Hulk like I did at Ayieda. I swear.”

Phew! Thanks Alex.

She lied. She turned into the Hulk. A crying Hulk. She knew she looked good in the photo and didn’t really listen to Jordan and Zahra when they said they didn’t like it. She also tried to move all this seaweed on the beach, which was stupid.

Jordan. Zahra. Say something! Had to wait for Didier to tell her off because she was outta control.

The other groups worked well together because teamwork isn’t actually that hard, provided you’re not working with a weepy Hulk.

Izi, Jess and Lucy won the challenge but everyone got a decent score.

We also learn that Alex is self-aware. Apart from the whole “I’m so short” thing, she admits that’s she not a great team player and that she looks ugly when she cries :’(

The photoshoot was all about capturing the ’90s white shirt shot, so naturally, Linda Evangelista was the guest judge. According to Lucy, she smells amazing. Pierre Toussaint was also the photographer this week.

And guess what. More teamwork. More Alex crying. More this whole episode is all about Alex.

They mixed the teams up from the challenge because making people choose again would get pretty awks. Tanahya, Lucy and Zahra were put together and Lucy proved that she knows how to make a fake laugh look genuine. Zahra needed to warm up and Tanahya was stiff.

Jordan, Jess and Izi had heaps of fun but Jordan got told off by Linda (very politely) for doing that hair-moustache thingy.

Brittany, Alex and Lauren. Alex wasn’t as bad as the challenge. But she was upset and you could tell. She shrunk back and held on.

We also found out that her brother died in a car crash when she was in grade five, which was pretty sad. She’s an emotional gal and she’s had a tough week so we’re hoping she cheers up soon. She was so confident in the first few eps.

Cue the getting-ready-for-eliminations montage. ‘Laura’ by Bat For Lashes? Bit indie for ANTM. The only three people who spoke in this montage were Tanahya, Zahra and Alex. Thank you for giving away the bottom three ANTM. I get the whole last words thing but gah spoilers. Too obvious.

Alex just slipped through which means Zahra and Tanahya headed home. ‘Stay With Me’ by Sam Smith sent them off. How fitting Sam Smith. In fact… they can’t stay. Clever choice music team.

I felt like we never really got to know Zahra because she was so shy and not very confident. And Tanahya is gorgeous but I can’t believe they left her with that hair.

Next week looks like there’s a runway challenge that involves heights and a photoshoot with motorcyles.

Drinking game next Thursday? Every time a model says “Oh my god” or cries, DRINK.

On the floor.


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