Blogging at 13: Our chat with Vintage Kid 101

Were you this cool at 13?

What were you doing and wearing at 13 years of age? Blogging, vintage shopping and being eco-conscious were sadly not on our to do list back in the day.

Insert Devlin Walker, possibly the most creative kid in Melbourne.

Now in his teens, Devlin has been blogging since age 11 under the alias Vintage Kid 101. With a strong sense of style, environmental awareness and a large online following, Devlin is one innovative 13 year old who looks likely to have a bright future. We chatted to Devlin to find out about his inspirations and interests.

My all time favourite thing is: Fitzroy. The best suburb in Melbourne! Every time I visit there is always something to do, eat, listen, explore. This may sound strange but I love the housing commission towers in Fitzroy and all around Melbourne. They don’t fit into the landscape and they are ugly and cool all at once.

When I grow up I want to be: a music producer. It would be such a great feeling to make a record and see it climb the charts. Some other possibilities are design, rag trader or architect. I would like to study design, architecture and music.

If I could invade one person’s wardrobe it would be: Nick and Charlie (of X and Hype). Over the years they have come up with so much dope gear. My favourite piece of theirs would probably be this vintage Flintstones vest which has an absolutely crazy design on it. They were the ones who got me into op shopping.

My motto is: go big or go home.

My craziest fan story is: yet to happen. I have people appreciate my interests but haven’t had any nutjobs. I have had people send me free stuff. Last year a Canadian company called F as in Frank send me a box of goodies. Also a girl called Alex liked the way I dressed and said she had some old clothes she thought I might like. I rocked up to collect the goodies and everything was super dope!

My favourite thing to do on weekends is: trying new restaurants and cafes, especially groovy ones. My favourite at the moment is Hammer and Tong or Addict for coffee and breakfast. This isn’t a regular thing – only when Mum can afford it. I also love a great chat with friends and new people who have similar interests.

My best item of clothing is: definitely my vintage adidas London Olympics 1908 x 1948 jumper. The jumper itself is crazy, two bold stitched-on patches with the back of the Union Jack.

My fashion advice is: try to be as eco-friendly as possible. Try not to buy cheap and poor quality clothing; go for quality rather than looks. Reduce your waste and look to re-use rather than buying new things. In the end all you are buying is a brand or a look. Be yourself, who says you have to follow trends?

I love Fiji water because: the bottle is a work of art; the water isn’t anything special. I’ve actually only had it twice, all it really comes down to is marketing. I mean why would you buy bottled water? My recommendation is stick with tap water.

My Tumblr is: vintagekid101.tumblr.com and is mostly net art and minimal aesthetics. My Instagram is vintagekid101 and is more vintage looks and fun stuff.

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