Fashion Bloggers series airs tonight

All the #hashtags.

Cue the #hashtags, the outfit flatlays, the travel diaries, the foodstagrams, and the beautiful people. Australian documentary/reality series Fashion Bloggers airs tonight, and they’ve released a video to get you ready for the #stuff that the show will cover.

The series follows five Aussie (yes, you guessed it) fashion bloggers around as they traipse through the “24-hour world” of blogging, including Kate Waterhouse, Margaret Zhang from Shine By Three, Sara Donaldson from Harper & Harley, Amanda Shadforth from Oracle Fox and Zanita Whittington from Zanita.

We’ll see some #fashion from New York Fashion Week, see #behindthescenes coverage from their personal photo shoots, see them #rubshoulders with Diane Von Furstenberg, Giuliana Rancic, Nicky Zimmermann, Alex Perry, Dion Lee and Kim Kardashian, and see them snap images for their #followers on #socialmedia including #Instagram.

The show has potential. Successful fashion bloggers have transformed into a pretty influential force within the industry, and have the power to shift markets and consumer sentiments much more than we’d like to believe.

Here’s hoping that the series provides a unique insight into this growing phenomena, and isn’t just another form of brand promotion for these #fashionbloggers. The show airs on Foxtel’s Style channel at 8:30pm tonight.

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