VRC bans midriffs in members’ enclosures

Oh the humanity.

The VRC is this year tightening its strict members’ dress regulations, banning the abhorrent practice of members donning midriff-bearing frocks. Because despite the trend appearing on top runways such as Louis Vuitton, Proenza Schouler and Balenciaga, it does not meet the high standards of the VRC.

Racegoers caught baring the unsightly strip of flesh will be refused entry to the members’ Grandstand and enclosures, which are-let’s face it- the only places you want to be. So that Manning Cartell two piece you had planned Oaks day? Forget it.

It seems the ban is stoutly endorsed by racing purists, with 70 per cent of VRC members supporting the strict regulations which also forbid the appearance of short jumpsuits and leather pants.

Have a look at our top race-inappropriate looks above for a glimpse at the sheer distaste of the midriff. Here’s hoping someone pulls a Jean Shrimpton.

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