Frank Body has added a face mask to its line

Glow up.

Frank Body is the skincare equivalent of an extremely talented AFL player whose name I do not know: it is just constantly kicking goals.

Most recently, the brand has released a Glow Mask that can be used to hydrate and plump skin. Like the rest of the range, the mask contains coffee, but this time in the form of Arabica seed oil. Fancy AF.

There’s a number of suggested ways this product can be used: as a spot treatment for dry and patchy skin, a travel mask to combat dehydrating plane conditions, a post-exercise cooling mask, a gift to give to someone you’re trying to impress, a model for your next perfect Instagram flatlay or as skin prep for evening/event makeup.

The product is available through the Frank Body website or Mecca Maxima. And whichever way you choose to use your Glow Mask, make sure you like my flatlay insta first.

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