Watch: Wheels & Dollbaby has dropped its 30th anniversary collection

Velvet, baby.

Wheels & Dollbaby is a brand known for a number of things.

Creating timeless pieces that are notoriously luxurious is one of them.

Collaborating with Dita Von Teese on a cardigan that basically sells out every time it’s released is another.

Their new collection, Velvet Keepsake, is set to celebrate the 30th anniversary for the brand.

Featuring plush blended fabrics, all pieces retain the signature glamour and femininity that they are known for.

Designer and founder, Melanie Greensmith, cites tactility as the driving force behind her fabric selection.

“I set about using an array of beautiful velvets in midnight blue, red and of course black lined with my magical power mesh to enhance the best in all different silhouettes,” she says.

Available from March 1, Velvet Keepsake will be available both in-store and online. Get a first look at the campaign video below.

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