Gemma Ward tried to sell art, no one bought it

Naw love.

The gorgeous Gemma Ward has taken on many roles: model, actress, mother and most recently, painter.

Using a Japanese style of brush stroke, the beloved Perth-born Aussie created five artworks which featured cherry tree blossoms and surfers. 

Unfortunately for the talented lass, this start in her art career was not the most successful of her repertoire. The artworks, priced at $1200, went unsold at an exhibition in Sydney’s Sun Studios. Naw, love.

Luckily it was not all bad news, with critics a little more positive.

Art critic Ralph Hobbs told The Sunday Telegraph, “They have a sense of composition and dynamism. They are quite bold. If you are a model in front of the camera you get a sense of composition and that’s a fundamental part of creating a good picture.”

Another artist who showcased on the night, Amy Finlayson noted, “I have a few private buyers interested in her canvases.”

Here’s hoping.

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