Greece shot down Gucci after it requested an Acropolis runway

How bout no.

There’s no denying Gucci is doing excellent work at the moment.

But while fur-lined loafers and embroidered bags accord the brand much influence in select circles, Greece’s culture ministry is not having a bar of it.

The ministry recently rejected a request by the Italian luxury brand, who sought to use The Acropolis for a fashion event this summer.

Culture Minister, Lydia Koniordou, said: “We have a duty to defend the importance of (the Acropolis) … a global symbol of democracy and freedom.”

Fair enough. 

But while usage of the World Heritage Site is difficult to obtain, it’s not entirely impossible. For some inexplicable reason, J-Lo was granted access to the site for a 2008 photoshoot. 

Perhaps it’s because the woman simply does not age? Or perhaps the restrictions where a little more lax back then.

Either way, the Acropolis is not happening for Gucci anytime soon. 


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