JNCO Jeans to make a comeback in 2015

Denim this wide should be an endangered species.

Right now seems to be prime time for digging up popular ’90s trends, from destroyed high-waisted jeans to chokers to fanny packs. But this newest excavation might cause a bit of a stir.

JNCO, the inexplicably popular creator of those humongous wide jeans from the 1990s, have left us flabbergasted after announcing their comeback plans for 2015.

So why was this nadir of fashion all the rage 20 years ago? Should we submit our legs to these giant amorphous denim tubes? Let’s discuss a few points.

  1. Aesthetics: sexy comes in all shapes and sizes, but wearing billowing pants the size of a tent is surely an exception to the rule.
  2. Comfort: we’ll accept this when it becomes socially acceptable for grown men to wear Crocs in public. Or when velour tracksuits are no longer the eighth deadly sin. So never.
  3. Physical benefits: unless you call getting-your-pants-stuck-in-an-escalator-and-extracting-yourself-while-the-world-looks-on a workout. Oh wait.
  4. The Illuminati: guess there’s no other explanation…

Our final verdict? No thanks, maybe another century. Rihanna, this is all your fault.

Watch these teens react to JNCO denim below and give us your opinion. Should we cut them some slack? After all, our times are not totally guilt-free of outrageous fashion either. 

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