Libertine-Libertine Autumn 2014

If Libertine-Libertine say ‘Trasher,’ ‘Gung-ho’ and ‘Mosh’ patterns are a thing…listen and learn.

Leaving a large impression in our hearts and bank accounts after their last collection, Copenhagen based men’s and women’s fashion label Libertine-Libertine have released their Autumn 2014 lookbook. 

Moving black and white photography captures the raw, edgy and bold silhouettes in an emotive campaign combining inspirational imagery with the models of the collection. The designers/genius’ behind the label, Rasmus Bak, Pernille Schwarz, and Peter Munch Ovesen, drew stimuli from urban city and various contemporary culture; resulting in a Autumn collection that is wearable and chic. We will be stocking up for the last of the colder months…sigh.


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