Street snaps: Men’s style in Copenhagen

Following Copenhagen Fashion Week.

On a recent trip to Denmark for Copenhagen Fashion Week, it was clear the real fashion shows weren’t inside the venues, they were on the streets.

Most attendees were industry members, dressed to the nines entering shows late in the hope that street style photographers would snap them.

If you ask any Danish person how they would describe Copenhagen street style, they can sum it up in a couple of words: relaxed, mish-mashed and trend-oriented.

Most of the focus that week was on women, so I decided to document what the men wore.

It was evident there was a strong industrial/East Berlin/techno/Goscha vibe influencing the men of Copenhagen.

Sportswear was the strongest element to trend, true to Scandinavia’s relaxed approach to fashion. Sneakers were the main choice of footwear, paired with combinations lying somewhere between dressy and casual. These men were a far cry from the army of suits at Pitti Uomo.


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