Lizzy Jagger fronts MANIAMANIA campaign

Because fine jewellery needs a fine face to display itself.

Mick Jagger really knows how to produce photogenic children (a result of a rockstar x model marriage perhaps?)

Turns out that Georgia May isn’t the only Jagger kid with killer poses, her older (and lesser known) sister, Lizzy, seems do a pretty sweet job herself.

MANIAMANIA have tapped into the modelling skills of the Jagger clan, nabbing Lizzy for their latest jewellery campaign MANIAMANIA Fine.

The fine jewellery line’s latest collection takes inspiration form “everyday heirlooms” and combines them with crystals and “white diamond highlights.” Designed by Australians Melanie Kamsler and Tamila Purvis, and made in New York, these pieces are a good match for the powerful and elegant and completley stunning Jagger.


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