LVMH finalists #blessed to meet Kanye, Karl Lagerfeld, Karlie Kloss and others

Fashion royalty making future stars dreams come true.

Fashion’s most noble kings and queens have granted some of their precious time to those less fortunate than themselves at a cocktail event in Paris.

The LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton Prize has narrowed down 100 of the world’s best upcoming designers to a list of 26 and given them the opportunity to mingle and take selfies with fashion royalty. You could sense the excitement as the 26 future stars got to meet their idols and hopefully be deemed most likely to make it, receiveing €300,000 and a year of mentoring.

The budding designers were thrilled to meet several wealthy older men believed to know what’s up in the fashion world. Chanel director Karl Lagerfeld, Dior designer Raf Simons and LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault, as well as his daughter (and vice president of Louis Vuitton) Dalphine, who lovingly chatted to the upcomers.

It’s not a royal event unless self-proclaimed God on earth Kayne Yeezy West makes an appearance, and he came out to answer the prayers of heaps of people (26 to be precise). If God can make an appearance then so can an Angel, with Karlie Kloss apparently being super excited to be there. Really, she took home cards from all of the designers.

King Lagerfeld did a kindness by reminding contestants that he was not always royalty, and once (would you believe) just like them. “I never forget that I started in life by winning a contest (the Woolmark Prize, in 1954). That’s why I think it’s important.”

Maybe in 50 years you’ll see one of these kids sporting a cane and sunglasses indoors, looking over the next designers-to-be? Who knows?

You can check out the incredibly talented designers here.


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