Megan Gale and Uncle Jack have collaborated on watches in support of Movember

Very, very nice.

In an attempt to further cement herself as my favourite person alive, Meagan Gale is turning her attention to men’s health.

A cause very close to her heart, Gale is donating her design flair to a unique collaboration in support of The Movember Foundation.

“Men’s health is a cause very close to my heart. Not only have I been closely affected by losing loved ones to male diseases but now, as a mum of a young son, I am even more determined to help support positive change if I can.  In collaborating with Uncle Jack, I am hoping not only to create something beautiful for people to enjoy but also to raise awareness and much-needed funding to assist in the inspiring work of Movember Foundation.  It’s time we set all of our watches to men’s health,” says Gale.

The three-piece collection of timepieces will be available for sale throughout the month of November, with 10% of proceeds donated to The Movember Foundation.

A great way to spend your mo-ney.
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