MSFW recap: Contemporary


The offering at MSFW: Contemporary last night was like the Smorgy’s of fashion shows. There was something for everyone and we couldn’t get enough.

Obvi it ws a lot nicer though.

It kicked off with Manning Cartell, an obvious choice given he’s the man of the moment. What he was delivered was bold, sporty and a departure from the ‘mass appeal’ looks of past seasons. You go Manning. You do you.

Livia Arena brought texture to relaxed styles, and introduced garter-like detailing which was kind of confusing but also a pulled-back kind of sxc. That got two thumbs up from us.

Alice McCall absolutely killed it, playing with embroidery, cut out and prints. No one can mix those three quite like Alice can. She also dropped this print which looked kind of like a Japanese surfer and left us very confused, but also in love. 

Bec & Bridge played it safe with past-season elements, but opened with a sleek pyjama-like two piece that I want to wear every day of my life. Life with Bird also stuck to their guns, utilising clean lines, folded fabrics and monochrome prints.

Neo Dia gave off sea-like undertones with mermaid green fabrics and fishnet overlays that were surprisingly beautiful. Lui Hon kept it heavy and raw, while One Fell Swoop sat on the other side of the spectrum with super delicate draping.

Ginger & Smart delivered sheer panelling that echoed a tortoiseshell print. They also gave us feathers, which more designers need to do.

Yeojin Bae capped it off with clean, feminine shapes in gelati colours. She closed with a super sleek, sheer-panelled black maxi, that cemented her status as Bae.


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