Runway reviews by a six year old: MSFW

They aren’t holding anything back…

Fashion week is over and the reviews are in. Once again we asked the Year Ones and Twos from Our Lady’s Primary School in Surrey Hills to share their thoughts on some of our favourite looks from Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. And they aren’t holding anything back. 

They may be young but these guys definitely know what’s up. 

“I hate the cape it is uggley! I don’t like the dress it is to flat and skinny! I would never where it, it so uggly everything is uggley! I rate this dress out of 5 a zero! I have never seen such a uggley dress in my hole life!” – Siena on look #6

“She is wearing a sea threw dress with big bright brownish redish old fashion shoes and white thoes funky pattens the pattens are zig zags I think and we also have some little circles arownd the magnificent, mouth watering, beatiful zig zags I think it is very very good fashion desion if I was a girl I would beg to where it.” – Cooper on look #8

“Wow the modle is wearing a geny hat and a white snowy dress and the dress so fascinating the fabric so soft gentl and of corse white. Now the kape so silky and long and white. The shose so elegant and so heely. If I was a modle I wood die to wear it. Now back to the geny hat it does have a little bit of grey on it and it dosent just look like a geny hat is also looks like a bath toule. Her hair machers her hat. Wow what a show stopper modle!” – Amelie on look #6

“Rainbow heleres brown eied Brown heded. I’d put it on my dog!!!! It would look good on a Fairy 0/100.” – Tommy on look #9

“With lot of twirly twincly flowers on her dress I would like to wear it.’ – Conor on look #2

“The model is wearing a marvellous dress with magnifficent pattens and a silky soft Red fabric. She is wearing a shiney interesting Red hat that sparkles like the midnight sky and glasses that matches. She is wearing a Red top with pattens and animals on it. On the top is green and yellow fabric that looks like grass.” – Tom on look #4

“The model is wearing a smooth silk dress. It has lots of pretty paterns on it’s dress and she has a shiny red dress. She has beautiful red sunglassers over her eyes and onder her chin is a golden necklacke which sparkles like the moon in the midnight sky.” – Jack on look #4

“An amazing hat with a long fashionable dress and pretty high heels the pretty dress has charming patterns it looks very texured it has majestic feathers it has a mind blowing show stoping red fabric it is astonashing.” – Fraser on look #11

“The materials exite the audiene with a fluent and silky white cloak. Her hair is tied so tight and it is so matelic in the bright sunlight. Her choker is flowing in the loud room. Her shoes shine in the crystal clear sky. The shoes reflect on the white dress. – Eden on look #8

“I do not like the hat because it is coving her eyes. I like the black shoes.” – Noah on look #11

“The model is wearing black high hills She is wearing a green wandsy with black v’s on the wandsy and upsidown black v’s she is wearing a black belt up to her chest.  She is wearing a blackveil on her head. What I like about her is the black belt. What I don’t like about her is the wandsy and the black v’s and the black veil and the blak high hills.” – Stanley on look #1

“The moddle is wearing a giegantik scarf. And a nice light blue and white and dark blue dress. And butiful flowerry scarf aswell. And blak naell pollish. She has bright shiny sparkly red shoes. My mum would never wear the flowerry scarf and the same with the normell scarf and the black nallpoish and red shoes.” – Julian on look #9

“I love coulur I don’t relly like the dress it is to long and the fethers are to white if I was my mum I woulded wear it.” – Fiona on look #7

“The model is wearing a lovely dress but I don’t realy like the hat. I like the dress because it is black and I like black.” – Emily on look #5

“The model is wearing sefro (see through) dress it’s 50%. If I was a girll I will not were it.” – Lucas on look #8

“The model is wearing dimand closes I do not want to wear that.” – Connor on look #2

“The model is wearing a lovliy shiny dark green uneform with fabrics patens on the uneform with a top hat with beautiful neat black lines with a black spickle belt and fabrics black shoes.” – Sophie on look #1

“She is wearing a spotty dress with a pompom on her head and a neckless and makeup and a belt. The colour of the dress is blue. I kind of like the neckless. If she didnt have the pompom and the pointy shoes and the makeup.” – Eliot on look #10

“What a spotty shurt and a beautiful black fashionable belt!” – Aidann on look #10

“What a hat that looks like a beautiful flouwer. What lovely blue high hills she is whering and what a pretty blue dress with white spots.” – Rohan on look #10

“The model is wearing a green majestic shirt and a pattened white and red fabric pants. And a dark red as dark as blood necklace and and elegant black and white sun glasses and neat pair of shoes.” – Zara on look #3

“She has a red charming necklas she has a green fishy shirt. She has a carming red pattern on her pants. She has black and white lovely high heels. The model is wearing black sunglass.” – Daniel on look #3

“This model is wearing shiny red fabric with sparkling gewls like the night sky a beautiful majestic hat. Matck with pitch black heels.” – Hamish on look #11

“She has a lovely pretty scarf with beautiful flowers on it. Her top looks very shiny nice blue. Her neat lovely porpol flowers match her smooth blue dress.” – Olive on look #9

“A beautiful pattened pants and lite moon white scalf shiney old red showes. A lovely chocker.” – George on look #8

“This model is wearing a hat with beautiful flowers and a sparkly gold ribbon at the back. She is wearing a long interesting white dress and at the top of the dress there are beuatful white flowers on a seethourgh fabric and on the bottom there also are seethourgh fabric.” – Aarya on look #7

“Holiday outfit stripy pants and holiday T-shirt short soks and snazy shoos but I probly woodnt were it and some sun glasses and a red shells on her neck lays. I don’t realy like it.” – Gus on look #3

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