So, what even is Art Basel?

Because we’ve all been really confused.

You may have noticed around the internet in the last few days that everyone is talking about Art Basel, and found yourself wondering what the hell it is. Is it a big celebrity filled party? Some sort of fashion show? Does it even involve art? What does it have to do with Miley Cyrus?

Well, it is kind of all of those things and more. Art Basel is an art fair held in Miami Beach, bringing together the hottest people in the international art scene for a week in the cultural mecca that is Miami Beach, Florida.

It has now turned into a celebrity studded affair, with regular guests, such as P. Diddy (I don’t know what we are calling him now) and Leonardo Di Caprio, better associated with partying hard than appreciating modern art. Really, it’s just another excuse for the fash-pack and the rich and famous to congregate in the name of art. Also, the street style looks hit that perfect mixture of high fashion and Miami heat.

Highlights this year included:  

  • Miley exhibiting a range of psychedelic craft sculptures and print outs from her instagram feed before performing Beatles covers in a silver wig and jumpsuit because… why not.
  • Jeremy Scott and the makers of Barbie (the inspiration behind his Spring 2015 collection for Moschino) throwing a party in a life-sized Barbie Dream House featuring a DJ set by the one and only Paris Hilton, who admitted to keeping 500 Barbie dolls at home.
  • Kim Kardashian posing in front of a DKNY emblazoned taxi while hosting her very own #Breaktheinternet party.
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