Some legends set up a website to give you free fashion law advice

All that legal stuff…

Many people assume a career in fashion is one of freebies, flexibility, creativity and glamour. And sometimes it is. But for all that fun stuff, there’s also boring BTS stuff too. There’s paperwork, confusing documents with long legal words and fine print for days. Not to mention the increasingly blurred rules around IP.

But now a legal firm in Sydney, Axis Legal, has set up a pro bono (freeee) website to help you get a grasp on some of the technical bits of the fashion industry. It’s called Fashion Law and is basically all about the law surrounding fashion (duh).

It’s there to help designers, photographers, communicators, models and retailers navigate the oft tricky laws around fashion. The site provides advice about copyright, contract and employee law, available in the form of downloadable cheat sheets.

There’s also a Q&A section where users can submit questions to be answered by the company’s lawyers.

So let those fashion dreams fly. There’s now a resource for all those confusing legal bits you don’t want to stuff up.


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