Spotlight on: BOSSA

Styled like a celeb.

Whether you love her or you don’t, it’s hard to argue that Kim Kardashian’s style isn’t on point 99% of the time. Figure loving, feminine and glamorous, Kim and her siblings really know how to dress it up right.

BOSSA is one Australian label working to bring sleek, stylish and cost-effective fashion to the (slightly less famous yet no less awesome) Kardashians, Jenners and J-Los of you out there.

BOSSA’s pieces are much more than items of clothing, they work to create a look and a lifestyle, with the label co-ordinating, styling and creating international shoots that show how to mix and match purchases.

Online you will find delicate jewellery, sleek neutral clothing and accessories perfect for wear on all occasions. BOSSA even sells compact phone chargers, because they know what all 20-something modern girls need, a selfie device that will never lose charge. Because when you dress this well, you will want to capture it.


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