Spotlight on: MLR Jewellery


If you like handcrafted jewellery with a dream-like quality, then MLR is one to keep on your radar. 

Each stunning, sculptural piece reflects the eclectic views of creator Marie-Lauren Romano, with her intentions ensuring the stand-alone pieces are seen as pieces of singular artwork.

MLR draws inspiration from hidden details, curved forms and the simplicity of texture. Their process is testament to an experiment, creating imperfect yet appealing modern and sculptural pieces. Results are organic and slightly unpredictable, but will more than likely include Romano’s signature stippling detail.

Each piece will incorporate a little Melbourne culture, a little dream-like motif, some surface design and many other tactile elements that are at the heart of these stunning pieces. And that isn’t even the best part. Each item is completely unqiue, meaning each piece you own belongs to you and you only.


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