The curious case of fashion collaborations

A list of the stranger fash collabs out there.

What do Rick Owens and My Little Pony have in common? The answer, of course, is nothing. And yet the American fashion designer and the children’s toy got a little better acquainted recently, with thanks to one of fashion’s more unusual collaborations. 

Along with a gang of other high-profile names, including Versace, Fendi and Balmain, Owens designed his very own Little Pony to be auctioned off by the Italian store LuisaViaRoma. And yes, it was black. Proceeds from the auction were donated to Save the Children and the Nepal Earthquake, in tandem with their own Make Kids Happy campaign. 

But Owens’ recent reinvention of My Little Pony is nothing new. Designers have been collaborating with artists, brands, and of course with one another, for many, many years. Sometimes for charity and sometimes just because somebody, somewhere decided it would be a good idea. But good intentions don’t always equal good results. 

Every now and then there are those fashion collaborations that leave us wondering, what even was that? And most importantly, just why? Even so, you do have to respect these guys for giving it a go. So in homage to the designers who’ve had the guts to colour outside the lines, we give you seven of the most curious fashion collaborations of all time.  

    Anya Hindmarch x Kellogg’s 

    For her A/W 2014 collection Anya Hindmarch teamed up with none other than Kellogg’s, designing a line of handbags playfully embossed with vintage Kellogg’s graphics. And while breakfast cereals and clutches don’t really go hand in hand, the Autumn/Winter collection has since inspired a limited-edition cereal collaboration. Because why have normal Cornflakes, when you can have Cornflakes couture?

    Kate Moss x Sushi Shop 

    Okay so she’s not a designer, but she’s still an icon. In 2013 Moss teamed up with French chain Sushi Shop to create a special sushi box, carrying 40 pieces of the Japanese raw cuisine. And while Kate Moss-endorsed sushi might sound crazy, you never know, maybe it really did taste better.

    Rodarte x Starbucks 

    In 2012, American label Rodarte teamed up with super chain Starbucks to produce a limited edition assortment of (couture) coffee products. The collection included a travel mug, a reusable cup sleeve, a gift card and a tote—all featuring an Avant Guard-esque pixilated Starbucks print. Latte never looked so luxury. 

    Jeremy Scott x Miley Cyrus

    For his S/S 2015 show, Jeremy Scott teamed up with the queen of the wrecking ball herself, Miley Cyrus. Models walked the runway in Scott’s eclectic and vibrant ensembles, accessorised with beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets all designed by Miley. 

    Richard Chai x PAX 

    A questionable collaboration in more ways than one, designer Richard Chai has announced that he is teaming up with the Vaporiser brand, PAX, for a ‘special project’. Front row guests at his recent NYFW menswear show were gifted their very own goodie-bag vaporisers, a little teaser of what’s to come.   

    Richard Nicoll x Disney 

    Richard Nicoll’s collaboration with Disney saw his S/S 2015 collection turn into part mystical voyage, part runway show. With looks inspired by the feisty fairy Tinkerbell, onlookers were treated to a different side of the London designer, most known for his more modernist approach.  

    Karl Lagerfeld x Coca Cola

    Rumour has it that Karl Lagerfeld drinks his Diet Coke from a crystal goblet. So it was probably only a matter of time before the designer’s silhouette ended up on the bottle. In 2010, Lagerfeld and Coca Cola joined forces, releasing a line of Karl-embossed bottles and cans.    

    We probably haven’t seen the end of out-of-the-box fashion collaborations. And at the end of the day, that’s probably not so bad. In an industry where imitation is rife and disposable fashion is on the rise, it’s comforting to know that some designers are still trying to mix things up. And whether it’s Prada Play-doh, Luis Vuitton Lego, or Dior dust busters, a little part of us can’t wait to see what might come next. 

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