The Daily Edited will now emboss over 100 different emojis

Even more personal.

Lately, between Best Friend Day and Doughnut Day, it seems we’re always celebrating something. And this week it’s World Emoji Day. 

The Daily Edited has jumped on board, this week introducing new Emojis to its personalisation service. The label has long offered custom monogramming across its luxury leather goods. More recently, the label introduced a small range of emojis to be embossed, including the popular heart, lightning bolt and crown options. Now, in honour of World Emoji Day, they’ll be adding 100 more.

Feeling weird? Alien option has got you. Love carbs? Now you can have a golden croissant embossed on your new wallet. Beyond your initials, an emoji can create whatever vibe you’re hoping to send out to the world. 

You can view all the new additions over at TDE’s website.


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