The Fashion Outsider: Dear Fashion Bloggers, Zhang was your Beyoncé. No more #1s for you

“I mean, why would you let Zhang leave? It’s like getting rid of Beyoncé from Destiny’s Child.”

It’s season two of that cable show Fashion Bloggers, where TV execs decided they knew what would make riveting viewing re: fashion. 

And riveting viewing re: fashion is almost certainly centred around watching bloggers execute #seamless, completely non-obvious advertorial, right? 

However, a new gripe has emerged during the second season that has drawn a lot of online anger. It’s about the quiet exit of Margaret Zhang.

Zhang was an important piece of the blogging puzzle. Someone who understands that to create a career in fashion you have to transcend merely well-paid razorblade advertorial about silky smooth summer legs, spearheaded by a cute hashtag. 

I mean, why would you let Zhang leave? It’s like getting rid of Beyoncé from Destiny’s Child.

She understands the end game – to forge a legitimate career in fashion, and to be someone who participates in more than merely just #flatlays and #ootds.

However, Zhang also represents another puzzle piece: one that speaks of a diverse Australian blogging community beyond four white, skinny, blonde girls. Oh and a white, skinny, brunette! 

Where’s Nicole Warne in this picture? Where’s Vydia Rishie or Micah Gianneli? 

Nadia Fairfax is undoubtedly fab, and although Kate Waterhouse has a successful column, I wouldn’t exactly call her a “blogger”. I could list many other significantly more influential bloggers. Aussie bloggers who have set the pace, who have crafted a unique voice and who have a great deal many more followers.

And on the topic of diversity, it’s not just about ethnicity. Where are the men’s style bloggers like D’Marge or plus-size bloggers like GabiFresh? Fashion isn’t just about sample size or even exclusively women. And I find it hard to believe all of these people turned down offers from Fashion Bloggers’ producers first.

White privilege abounds in pointed selection from television producers. But the internet? The internet never lies. 

Unless you bought all your followers, that is.

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