The FJ Guide to: Music Festivals

Summer festivals 101.

Festival season is upon us (yay!) which means good tunes, good vibes and good times. But it also means not so good hair, not so clean clothes and a non-existent beauty routine. So we put together a guide to help you make the most of your summer festivals and keep yourself nice and tidy… with minimal effort.

1. Ignore the forecast

Doesn’t matter what the forecast says, you have to be prepared for all weather. A good rule of thumb is to think about what your mum would tell you to bring, hat, jumper, rain jacket, sunscreen, good boots, thick socks… you’ll need them (probably all on the same day)

2. Choose your shoes

The common denominator at a festival is that you will be on your feet all day and night. You can’t keep up those killer dance moves if your feet hurt, so go for shoes that will match your stamina. Sandals are generally a no go, especially with so many bottles and glasses floating around the dance floor. Think Doc Martens or some super fly sneakers, throw on some cute socks and your feet will be able to keep stomping around till the sun comes up.

3. Makeup: less is more

Don’t try anything too fancy with your makeup, a festival is not the time or the place to be going heavy on the beauty looks. Tinted moisturiser (with SPF), bronzer and mascara are probably all that is going to stick beyond 45 minutes getting sweaty in the mosh. Of course, glitter is a whole different story, and there is no joy like waking up in a boiling tent with glitter stuck to the insides of your eyelids.   

4. Get crafty

Festivals are a great excuse to bring out those outfits you would never normally wear. Op-shops are a good place to start. Find something with a flashy print and sequins, get your craftiest friends together, make some alterations, and you have an outfit you can guarantee no one else will be wearing.

5. Look after your crew

Everyone is there to have a good time, but if it looks like one of your friends is having a bit too much fun, keep an eye on them. Make a place to meet, grab a water bottle, and check if they are okay. They would do the same for you!

6. Forget your phone

Inevitably your phone battery will die by the end of the first day. Don’t fight it. We rarely have a moment without a mobile glued to our hands, so take the opportunity to enjoy your festival experience IRL, not through a screen. Take a few disposable cameras and capture your moments the old fashioned way. You don’t want to miss your fave act while you are sitting in the car charging your phone and checking instagram.

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