This clothes hanger for jeans is the invention you didn’t know you needed

But now you do.

After a long day of wearing jeans, there’s nothing better than throwing them on the floor and slipping into a comfy pair of trackies. And nine times out of 10, the floor is where those jeans are going to remain until they are next required. I mean who can be bothered folding jeans (not me).

Introducing the Jean Hanger. Goodbye folding, creases and that nagging feeling you need to clean your room.

The Jean Hanger is made from fine wood with a classic hanger hook. Designed to fit jeans of any size, the nooks created by the wave-like wooden design neatly accommodate the belt loops of your pants. It’s genius; arguably the best thing since sliced bread or logging into your sister’s Spotify account.

The hanger can be used to store and dry your pants, so that dryers (and the risk of shrinking) are no longer an issue.

Designed by Steven Sal Debus, this is an ongoing project that still requires funding. So if a Jean Hanger is something you desperately need (yes), head over to kickstarter and support away.


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