This company will custom make you the perfect white tee


We’ve found it. The perfect white tee. This is it.

It comes courtesy of Citizen Wolf, a Sydney-based luxury basics label whose focus is on analysing data to perfect everyone’s favourite basic: the white tee.

Citizen Wolf has started with its ‘Almost Perfect’ White Tee. It’s the data-driven result of hundreds of individual fittings. As you may have guessed, the brand was searching for the best off-the-rack T-shirt experience for both men and women. 

The result is an Almost Perfect tee that is total luxury; crafted from a 180 gsm certified organic cotton milled in Melbourne, before being ethically handmade in Sydney.

And still, it will only set you back a cool $59. 

And. AND. If that wasn’t enough for you, the label also allows you to upgrade your Almost Perfect tee to be perfectly perfect for you. 

Using its intuitive Self-Fit® system, Citizen Wolf allows you to customise your tee to be exactly you’ve envisioned in your head but still can’t find anywhere. 

You choose the fabric, the style specifics and enter your measurements, before your order is custom-made in Sydney from lasers (we know, amazing). Everything is ethically produced and environmentally friendly. 

So far, Citizen Wolf is the only clothing company that has replaced ‘vanity sizing’ with individualised sizing. And with custom options from $89, it’s a concept we can get behind. 

In equally good news, the Wolf Pack has hit Melbourne. Delivering the news with a very Melbourne campaign. Shot by Jess Brohier in a light-filled Fitzroy terrace, the images showcase Melbourne girl Natalie Jurrjens in her Perfect White Tee. It’s everything we want to be doing this weekend (read: stay in bed). 

If your weekend plans span more than just the bedroom, Citizen Wolf is still in Melbourne, ready for you to join the Wolf Pack. Head to the Finders Keepers market at Carlton’s Royal Exhibition Building and get fitted on the spot this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Time to stop hunting and start creating.


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