This new glitter body jewellery will take you back to your childhood

Back to the ’90s.

Channelling the jovial nature of today’s generation, The Glitter Body collection aims to encompass what it means to have #teenspirit through its ’90s sticker-inspired jewellery.

Flashback time: Remember in primary school and (dare I say it) high school when everyone decorated their stationery with glitter stickers? Come on, they were surrounding the “I heart Mr X” text you had scribbled 100 times. No? Just me? okay. Well this new collection aims to revert you back to those oh-so-fabulous younger years in a more age appropriate and socially acceptable way – jewellery.

The use of classic geometric shapes with a refined feminine delicateness is the outcome of this Spanish label by Glenda Lopez.

Featuring rings, midi rings, septum piercings and pendants, the pieces are handmade with 18kt dipped gold. A much more affordable midas touch. 


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