To Her Door is the new feminist newsletter you should be subscribed to

Feminism, politics, creativity, current affairs.

There’s a lot of ways to celebrate sistahs doin’ it for themselves and one comes in the form of a new, aptly-titled digital newsletter, To Her Door.

Inspired by women the world over, To Her Door brings creativity, feminism, politics and current events, right to your 21st-century door, a.k.a. your email inbox.

Started by two ladies from Melbourne who are now based in NYC, To Her Door is dedicated to giving you the information that matters.

Each newsletter tells stories, discusses issues, answers questions and passes the microphone around to all the wonderful Australian women who care about each other and the world around them.

So far they’ve featured Triple J Host, Zan Rowe; a powerful call to arms by Indigenous Australian feminist writer, Celeste Liddle; Australia’s first female Muslim MP, Dr. Anne Aly; Australia’s best-known AFL Women’s player, Moana Hope; plus some very cool other stuff from some very cool ladies. 

I guess the beauty of To Her Door is the fact that it’s a newsletter. They save you from sorting through a bunch of websites to find the stuff you really want to read: an assortment of information from women who are as smart, funny, creative, active, determined, ambitious and passionate as you are. Duh.

Click here to subscribe. Your inbox will thank you later.


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