TOME’s latest collection rules, aims to honour women affected by exploitation


TOME’s latest collection is amazing in a number of different ways. First the designs are beautiful, with loose, free-flowing pieces ranging from neutral greys to bright peacock blue.

However, what really takes the cake is the inspiration behind the designs.

The TOME Resort 17 Collection draws inspiration from the installation art piece Shrine for Girls, created by artist Patricia Cronin.

The piece is centred around three horrible events that involved the exploitation and suffering of women. To commemorate the victims, Cronin covered three alters with clothing collected from the affected countries. It’s a haunting piece that aims to honour the women affected, and also reminds us there’s still a lot to be done to reach equality.

Similarly, the Resort collection aims to honour these women, with details and colours aligning with the cultures and beliefs of those affected. The pieces feature intricate stitching, lace ruffles and waist ties. Most of the garments are of a longer length, brushing the ankles and creating the illusion of long legs (yes pls).

Keep an eye on the website for a release date.


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