A unisex streetwear brand inspired by Japanese design is self-funding on Kickstarter

Words by Indah Dwyer

It’s common sense.

‘Kodama’ is an ancient Japanese word that translates to mean ‘tree spirit’. So it is no surprise that the Melbourne-based label of the same name is created with organic materials and infused with s sensitivity to the environment. 

Starting out working as a product developer working offshore for apparel companies, designer and founder of Kodama, Natsuko Kondo,  quickly saw how wasteful the industry can be.

“I was looking for cool streetwear that was also environmentally friendly but didn’t have much luck. So, I decided to create my own brand, Kodama Apparel,” Natsuko says in a statement.

Another perk of being a long-timer in the industry is that Natsuko is now aware of how fashion giants often market their ‘sustainable’ products.

She goes on to explain, “Sustainability is about keeping your supply chain healthy and harmless to the environment and the people. It’s about creating a synergy. It’s common sense.”

As being mindful of the materials used is a huge aspect of sustainable fashion, Natusko has found a deep love for hemp. 

“I focus on using hemp as much as possible. It is a material that has a low impact on the environment,” she explains.

Japanese silhouettes feed seamlessly into the unisex nature of the designs.  The Samurai-inspired overcoats, relaxed leg pants, and shirts are made locally to reduce environmental impact and support Australian material suppliers.

The Kickstarter early-bird offer is open until October 3, with orders to be shipped in January 2020.

You can view the campaign and donate here.


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