Update: Miley Cyrus DI$COUNT UNIVER$E rip off just got intense

“shut the f*** up, or they’ll get knocked the f*** down.”

So last we heard of the Miley Cyrus/VMAs/DI$COUNT UNIVER$E sitch, Cami and Nadia had posted a statement via Insta thanking their ‘DU family’ for the love and support through this obviously sucky time.

Now, Miley’s stylist Simone Harouche is firing back at the girls, telling Yahoo style:

“It’s very sad that people need to use Miley’s amazing performance as an opportunity to create press for themselves, when they had nothing to do with the creative process. It’s unfortunate that they’re taking away from this young designer’s opportunity to make something special for Miley.”

Harouche was quick to defend BCalla, the creator of Miley’s and her VMA squad’s looks, after the emerging designer has been receiving some serious criticism via his Instagram. He has been labelled a “theif” and his work a “total rip off of the pop culture created by DU.”

DI$COUNT UNIVER$E then responded to Ms. Harouche accusing the stylist of victim blaming:

“Prior to posting ANYTHING on social media we were inundated with interview requests and tags CONGRATULATING US for designing the finale looks of the VMA awards. To actually suggest that we ASKED for it is atrocious. No one ASKS to get hurt. WELL DONE Simone Harouche #VICTIMBLAMING at its finest. Instead of teaching people to stand up for themselves, let’s teach them to shut the fuck up, or they’ll get knocked the fuck down.”

BCalla also took to Instagram in support of Harouche’s statement, reiterating that DU were not ‘even a reference point’ for Miley’s VMAs look, with claims that his inspiration came from Salvador Dali’s surrealist costumes, “Kansai Yamamoto’s use of faces and designs from the late 60’s and 70’s’ and Miley’s personal love of ‘funny faces’.”

Even though the DU girls are yet to make an official statement in return, it looks like things are getting pretty heated. DI$COUNT UNIVER$E has definitely made a name for themselves in the past few years with their unique looks ruling the runways, and mega star and original bad gal Rihanna donning their amazing red sequinned ‘you will never own me’ number.

And let’s not forget the most important part, they have even collaborated with Miss Cyrus in the past.

Come on Simone Harouche, let’s be real.  


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