Lil Nas X wore a doily to the VMAs so I bought a hanky

Image via Lil Nas X
Words by Sasha Gattermayr

Granny chic.

The VMAs very near broke the internet last night. We bow to the goddess that is Lizzo, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello getting hot and heavy on stage, Diplo’s peach-coloured bedazzled suit.

There was a lot going on.

But perhaps first and fashion foremost was Lil Nas X’s custom Christian Cowan, fully sequinned two-piece suit. Inspired by Prince’s 1985 performance outfit at the Fabulous Forum in California, the cropped jacket matador-cum-cowboy ensemble had a whiff of Country Women’s Association. In a nod to Prince’s lace gloves in the same performance, the ‘Old Town Road’ singer’s cream ruffled shirtsleeves protruded from the ends of his silver sequinned jacket with a flourish. When he raised his hand to gesture to the photographers on the red carpet, he looked as though he was brandishing a crochet hanky.

Dressing in home decor hasn’t had a revival since the von Trapps, but it would only be Lil Nas who could bring it back. It leads me to declare that doilies are in.

Paired with silver snake earrings, covered in stacked jewelled rings, and shimmering in what could quite possibly be rhinestones, the cowboy-booted singer-songwriter is one of the only contemporary performers the music industry seems to certify a worthy Prince acolyte.

We’re here to watch you shine Lil Nas.

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