You can now get your hands on a jacket resembling a real-life polar bear

Not sure if srs.

This just takes outerwear to a whole new level.

Dolce & Gabbana has released a faux fur polar bear jacket, with the hood actually resembling the head of a real-life bear.

Thankfully, the jacket is not made from an actual polar bear, but does contain 20% goatskin in its body.

The Queen Polar Bear jacket arrives in off-white, complete with a plush outer, black buffed leather and resin detailing at the hood.

It doesn’t come cheap, available at retailers like SSENSE for $2675USD.

Of similar hilarity is the brand’s terrifying polar bear backpack, if you like the look of a cub clawing at your back.

Check it out here, or better yet, don’t.




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