You can now get your oven mitts on a Beauty and the Beast x Le Creuset pot

Bon appétit.

Disney collaborations are kind of a big deal.

Somewhere along the line, some genius worked out that if you pair a brand with Disney, people go crazy for it.

Designers jumped on this nostalgia obsession long ago. Previous Disney collaborators have included MAC, Kenzo, Comme des Garçons and Vans, to name a few.

Now, you can get your oven mitts on a Beauty and the Beast soup pot, thanks to Williams-Sonoma and Le Creuset.

The limited edition pot is bright blue with signature Beauty and the Beast roses on top, and a golden knob inscribed with ‘be our guest’.

It’s the perfect amount of Disney without going too over the top. Which means you’ll still like it two years down the track.

The pots were released here last week, but fear not. Le Creuset is expected to release a limited amount on March 7.

Be quick, there’s only 500 made.

Bon appétit.


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