Disney releases limited-edition mouse ears created by celebs and designers

Words by Nicole La Ruffa
Image Via Disney/Heidi Klum

A special release.

When you visit any of the Disney theme parks, the unspoken rule is that you cannot leave without a pair of Mickey ears (or the Minnie equivalent).

Now, courtesy of designers and celebs like Betsey Johnson, Heidi Klum and Vera Wang you can walk around with a more *fashionable* pair.

Disney has tapped a team of creatives (from artists to celebs) to design their own variations of the signature mouse ears. If you’ve ever wanted a bedazzled pair, Klum’s sparkling iteration which also forms a crown will probably spark your fancy.

The ears will launch on May 24 as part of Disney Parks’ limited edition Designer Collection and will range from $58 to $600 US dollars. 

Following the initial release, Disney fans can delight in a new design each month, giving you all the more reason to visit the happiest place on earth (or alternatively, to shop online).


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